Why I don’t like email

Please don’t email me Every semester when I start my undergraduate teaching I begin by setting the ground rules. Things like the importance of attendance, the need for extensive reading and so on. All what I would expect is fairly standard stuff. However, one area where I seem to differ from many academics is inContinue reading “Why I don’t like email”

Twitter and Student Engagement

Yesterday I had one of those experiences that remind me why I love my job. I met a group of academics from King Saud University, one of the world’s top universities. I had been asked to speak about the use of Twitter as a way to promote student engagement. The response was really terrific. LotsContinue reading “Twitter and Student Engagement”

The perils of social media

Previously I have blogged about why PhD students should use Twitter. This post has been motivated by a great post on spelling and grammar by Peter Matthews. One of the common criticisms of social media is that it encourages, or at least tolerates, poor spelling and grammar. As such universities should steer students away fromContinue reading “The perils of social media”